Agony of Ecstasy, The


Producer: AvVisone Pictures

Year: 2002

Format: DVD   Running time: 23 minutes


MDMA, more commonly known as Ecstasy, remains one of the most used and abused of today's designer drugs. Originally created under mysterious circumstances in 1914, the first known recreational use of the drug was in the 1960s; it was classified as a Schedule I substance (like heroin) and banned in 1985.


Driven by the rave scene in the mid- to late '90s, the drug has continued to grow in popularity. Ecstasy offers feelings of euphoria, trust and well-being that are very seductive. Unfortunately, the drug also contributes to memory loss, anxiety, paranoia and severe depression. Often dangerous even in small doses, its effects are sometimes not apparent until years later.  MDMA related deaths are not uncommon, and scores of women have been sexually assaulted under the influence of this inhibition-lowering "party" drug. In addition, an Ecstasy user doesn't know what he or she is actually getting: the drug is frequently diluted with other substances, and the resulting impurity can prove harmful, even fatal in certain cases.


THE AGONY OF ECSTASY separates fact from fiction through interviews with health professionals, law enforcement officers and former users, all of whom provide an honest, balanced look at the biological and sociological implications of MDMA use among club-goers and other young people. This program will educate viewers of all ages about the dangers of Ecstasy by presenting a compelling argument that acknowledges the transient pleasures of the drug without diminishing its very real dangers.


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