Plato's Cave


Producer: Art Gould

Year: 1974

Format: DVD  Running time: 20 mins.


An allegory representing the nature of human understanding, this parable on the life of Socrates, is based on a fable from BOOK SEVEN of Plato's "REPUBLIC." As men are chained in a cave by their own fears, distorted, shadowy symbols of air, animal, water and other elements; so the darkness of ignorance enchains their minds to a limited reality. One man, released from his dark visions, fearfully emerges from the cave to experience the sensations of enlightenment. Finding in the sunlight, the illumination of reality -- realizing the world in all its shapes, sights, sounds, smells and the limitless future. With this knowledge, he returns to the cave to free those chained within. But he finds himself disbelieved, and is destroyed.


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